Prayer Request

Prayer is powerful and life changing and available to all people. At City Church Preston prayer is an integral part our community and without it our lives would be very different.

If you have a need or a circumstance, whether that be physical or spiritual, and would like some prayer, then we have a team of people throughout our community that are ready and willing to prayer with you.

We purposely create opportunities for prayer at our Sunday gatherings and most other events. If you need prayer then please join us at one of our services so that we stand with you in prayer and see God’s spirit move in and chance the circumstances and changes that you face. The Bible says, in the Book of James Ch. 5:14, that if we are sick we should call upon the leaders at church for prayer.

If you are unable to come to one of our meetings at City Church Preston then you can still receive prayer by filling out the Prayer Request form below. Our team prays for each and every prayer request that we receive.

Submit a Prayer Request
Whether it is a prayer request for yourself or someone close to you, please use this form to tell us about the request.