Speak Out

Last week I had the privilege of spending a few days at the AoG Leadership Conference held in Manchester at !Audacious. It was a great time of listening to God speak in many different ways. The interesting thing for me was that God didn’t speak to me directly through a person or a single sermon, but rather through a whole series of what were really throw away comments. I’d like to share some of them with you, as I believe these are important as we make our next moves forward.

The Bible says in Heb 11:3 that God created the whole world by the word of his mouth.

We cannot underestimate the power we have in our words (remember the session I did recently on Breaking Strongholds?).

In Genesis there are eight occasions where God speaks and it is so, on the very first page of scripture.

A powerful principle established!

The primary reason and purpose for speech is therefore not communication (that’s the second reason) the first and primary purpose is prophetic creation.

Pause for a moment and ask – what am I speaking out over my life? What do I keep repeating? Is it positive or negative? Does it bring life or death? Do I need to change what I speak out over my life, my families life and the churches life? (James ch 1&3 is good reading on this ) if you look carefully you will see things in your life that you spoke there – that’s why we shouldn’t look in the mirror and say ‘wow I look ugly!’.

Notice that in Genesis 1 the Bible says that darkness covered the earth, but God does not speak to the darkness, rather he speaks to create the light. Gen 1:3. Maybe we need to learn to stop speaking to and about the things we don’t like or want, and start to speak prophetically and creatively in faith to the things we do want. The things we prophetically and creatively want to see.

Notice too, that when the twelve spies that Moses sent into the promised land came back to Israel and ten said that they could not take the land and two said yes they could – all twelve were right. The twelve spies all prophetically spoke out and created their own future – they were all right! The ten who said they couldn’t do it, never did. The two who said they could, did indeed take the land and enjoy the blessings of the promised land.

So what kind of church should we be creating? No one else but us will do it! We are the leaders! The church will only go where we take it! The truth is that the church we have now is the church that we have prophetically created by what we have spoken in the past. Start to think about what a great church would be like. This is one of the elements we are praying through on a Saturday morning – come and join in if you would like to.

So how do we start to do this?

We have to choose to make a move, make a change, start to purpose to think and act differently, and step up to be the leaders God is calling us to be. We have to be continually moving forward – there is no standing still option.

In Mark 4, Jesus and the disciples crossed over to the other side, and there was a significant shift in the ministry. So how do you cross over to the other side

Mark 4:35. Says …That day when evening came – it talks about the closing of a day.

We must close the past and step into the future. Shut out the old stuff – it’s the conclusion of a season. It has been a good season, but to get from Good to Great we have to close off a season and cross over to start a new one. A new one with different disciplines, practices and thinking. The past and current has been good, but we are pressing onto ‘great’.

God has created us to go forward not backwards. We honour the past, but close door so we can step forward.

If we keep looking back and dwell in the past, we will make it a year that is largely about academic thoughts, rather than a prophetic year. Let’s create by faith our future as God intends.

I am still praying at church for an hour on Saturday mornings, from 7:30 to 8:30, and if you would like to pray through some of this and start to speak prophetic creative words, then you are most welcome to join with us. We are always stronger together.

This is our day.

It’s our shift!

Let’s do it together!