Hope for Life

Hope for Life was started as a City Church Preston programme, but it is quickly growing to include many people across the city and further afield.

Hope for Life is our response to significant and rising levels of food poverty in our city.

We are partnered with Stoneygate Children’s Centre to identify families who need food. We support those in need throughout our city because we follow Jesus’ example; we support families whatever their beliefs might be. We don’t think that support should come with strings attached.

We currently support many families with monthly or emergency food parcels. This is just the beginning of the story and we intend to rewrite the storyline so that more and more families can step further and further away from the feeling of hunger and desperation.

You can easily donate as a one off gift or give throughout the year if you’re in a position to. Our BT Donate Page is ready to receive all contributions so that together we can reduce the number of families who do not have the means to put food on the table in Preston.

Simply click on our BT Donate button below to contribute: –

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