Women’s Events

As a group of women, we are really committed to helping each other grow on the journey.

Women’s Events

As a community of women who are passionate about making a difference in our city and in our world, we recognise the importance of not just taking care of business, but also taking care of each other. We do not separate our spiritual life from the practical day to day activities, but believe in an authentic, honest life that brings our relationship with our God into every area of our lives. So while we have amazing times studying God’s Word, we also believe that church is simply ‘doing life together’; whether it’s going to Bible Study or going out for lunch. As well as our planned monthly events, you can also usually find groups of girls meeting up somewhere, sharing a coffee or going to the movies. It’s just something that happens so beautifully and naturally when we share life.

CCW Connect Group:

We have a couple of events each month that will provide teaching, questions and prayer. The City Church Women connect group runs twice a month, at different times and venues.  Click on the link below for a full schedule of Connect Group sessions.

cal2 Connect Group Schedule

Social Events

All of our events are designed specifically as a way for women to connect in to our community here at church in a fun relaxed environment; so, whether this is your first time at church or you have been part of the church community for a long time and you want to get to know more people, these events are just for you! If you would like to know what’s happening, stay in touch on our social media pages or have a look at our events schedule.

Connecting with our community:

Throughout this year, we will be running some fundraising events, to support our friends and our community in very practical ways. If you would like to get involved click on the link below:

Our Friends