Monthly Archives: January 2013


There is a shadow in the corner of the room. The bookcase overhangs slightly so that the light glowing from the lamp is restricted. Blocked. Obstructed. It is where the light cannot shine, it cannot bring clarity or vision. The shadowlands seem to hold their ground. All the most thrilling movies have shadowlands. It is … Continued


The physical components have changed throughout history. Be it a carving in the rocks, a wax seal or an electronic timestamp. These were all elements of a moment worth marking, worth remembering. The point of these symbols was to make a permanent memory, an indelible mark that could not be erased. We make choices each … Continued

Leadership Engine Room – Pt 2

As part of our calling as leaders we have to be great communicators. If anything the bar is being raised all the time on communication. You only have to look at an old news cast, TV advert or documentary on You Tube to see how far things have changed, and how communication has developed and … Continued

Speak Out

Last week I had the privilege of spending a few days at the AoG Leadership Conference held in Manchester at !Audacious. It was a great time of listening to God speak in many different ways. The interesting thing for me was that God didn’t speak to me directly through a person or a single sermon, … Continued

Leadership Engine Room – Pt 1

It’s often quoted that organisations rise or fall on their leadership. Another quote that is also poignant is one that became common after the First World War, which said that the British Soldiers were “Lions led by Donkeys“! Sobering stuff. We need to be clear that leadership is key to what happens in our organisation, … Continued